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guitar string bend Intermediate

Soloing Runs and Repeated Ideas

Make your guitar soloing more believable by using runs and ideas! Your guitar soloing will sound boring and aimless if you just string a bunch of guitar licks together. If you combine runs and ideas with a careful choice of licks, your guitar soloing will sound more exciting and interesting.A "RUN" is a part of [...]

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The All-New Access Rock

We are very proud of our new look, and we hope you like it! It is full of exciting new features… View and post comments on any of our lessons Skype lessons now available! Share your favorite lessons on Facebook and Twitter sort lessons by most recent, most commented Video versions of existing lessons, new [...]

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The Guitar & Amp Sourcebook

  Mike Abbott, editor of Access Rock, wrote The Guitar and Amp Sourcebook, published by Harper Collins in 2012. Available now!     The most revolutionary guitars AND amps of the last 100 years… in one book! Beautifully Illustrated with over 400 pages of stunning photos which include rare and vintage instruments by Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, [...]