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April 10, 2013

Hendrix Funky Strumming Lesson

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Written by: Mike Abbott

Jimi Hendrix made his guitar riffs
and solos get down and dirty – learn one of his trademarks!
Hendrix really took this guitar technique
to a new level of precision if not reinventing it.

Check out these songs that have funky-note strumming:
Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe
Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze


  1. This is is difficult technique, stick with it.
  2. It requires a lot of left-hand muting.Watch a video of JimiHendrix and look at his lefthand!
  3. Strum just like you would a chord, butuse more wrist and aim to strum just the strings closest to the note.
  4. When muting with 1st finger, you must flatten the finger so that you touch the 2nd and 3rd string (PICTURE 2)
  5. When muting with 2nd finger, you must touch both the 4th and 5th string(PICTURE 1)
  6. Listen and practice the Exercises until you can do them with out a problem.


Check out these two Jimi Hendrix-style muting exercises in tab and standard notation

Check out these two Jimi Hendrix-style muting exercises in tab and standard notation

A picture of the string muting technique on the guitar

A picture of the string muting technique on the guitar

  1. Listen to the guitar lick
  2. Play and count it slowly
  3. Play it with the metronome set between 50 and 80
  4. Gradually speed it up with the metronome
  5. Try it with the slow practice track then, after a while, with the fast practice track

Lick 1 was created from the notes of this scale

Read this B pentatonic scale and use it for soloing

Lick 1

a Jimi Hendrix style guitar lick written in standard and tab notation

Check out these bends to use for your guitar solo!

  • Now practice the B minor pentatonic scale and create some of your own Hendrix funky-note strum licks
  • Practice the whole step and half step bend notes
  • Experiment with different double notes, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, etc…
  • Listen to a lot of Jimi Hendrix!!

About the Author

Mike Abbott
Mike is a pro guitarist and music educator.  He has performed with such diverse acts as the Rolling Stones Horns, Sammy Davis Jr., and Burt Bacharach.   After spending much of his music career in New York City, He now is a very busy guitarist in the Denver area, performing and teaching extensively. Mike's latest work is a book, The Guitar and Amp Sourcebook, published by Harper Collins and released in December 2012.



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