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Guitar Slides and Slide Licks

Slides are one of the easier guitar techniques to play and one of the coolest! In this lesson, learn how to play a slide in a guitar lick! Begin each slide from the 1st fret Quickly slide your finger up to the fret # specified ...
by Mike Abbott


Classic Rock Styles

From Dylan to Nirvana, many classic rock styles survive the test of time! Classic Rock Strumming Try both strums with other chords also like Cand D – How do I play these chords? Click Here   Classic Strum 1 because o...
by Mike Abbott


Easy Blues Solo for Guitar

In this lesson, we will tackle a fairly easy-to-play solo in the key of E. If you haven’t yet explored string bending, hammer-ons, or slides, please go to those lessons first. It will also be helpful to review the E Blues...
by Mike Abbott



Guitar Power Chords

A Power Chord is a two or three-note chord that’s easy, fun, and POWERFUL!! Start with a 2-note power chord. When you get good at that, switch to the three-note power chord Angle the finger on the 5th string to mute out t...
by Mike Abbott


Basic Barre Chords

Although barre chords can be intimidating, without them, some of the greatest rock and roll guitar riffs wouldn’t exist! What is a barre chord? A barre chord is a chord which is played at least partly by using one finger ...
by Mike Abbott

C Major Scale

Easy C Scales for Guitar

In this guitar lesson you will learn the C Major and C minor guitar scale – two of the most basic, open position guitar scales. Learn the shape and sound of each one slowly – it will pay off in the future! Let’...
by Mike Abbott