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Guitar Power Chords

A Power Chord is a two or three-note chord that’s easy, fun, and POWERFUL!! Start with a 2-note power chord. When you get good at that, switch to the three-note power chord Angle the finger on the 5th string to mute out t...
by Mike Abbott


Easy Guitar Solo Lesson

In this guitar lesson, not only will you learn about the concept of soloing, but you will learn a great guitar scale which you will use in soloing. Think of soloing as snowboarding, pool skating, rollerblading, or ski jumping. ...
by Mike Abbott


Strumming Basics

Learn the basics of guitar chord strumming and switching! Strumming a Guitar chord – Lightly and quickly brush the guitar pick across the guitar strings using your arm and wrist. If your guitar chords don’t ring cle...
by Mike Abbott


C Major Scale

Easy C Scales for Guitar

In this guitar lesson you will learn the C Major and C minor guitar scale – two of the most basic, open position guitar scales. Learn the shape and sound of each one slowly – it will pay off in the future! Let’...
by Mike Abbott


Guitar String Bending lesson

Although guitar string bending can be done on the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar gave bending it’s reputation 1. You will be pushing or pulling the guitar string to a different pitch(pitch is how high or low the not...
by Mike Abbott


Muted Guitar Strings

You hear your favorite guitar players mute guitar strings ….Check it out!! You can mute guitar strings the with the left hand, right side of the palm, or a combination of both. Practice string muting with the left hand fi...
by Mike Abbott