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guitar barre chords

Basic Barre Chords

Although barre chords can be intimidating, without them, some of the greatest rock and roll guitar riffs wouldn’t exist! What is a barre chord? A barre chord is a chord which is played at least partly by using one finger ...
by Mike Abbott

guitar blues rhythm

E Blues Rhythm

The E Blues Rhythm is a must for all blues guitar players, rock players, and lovers of the 2-note guitar chord! Blues guitar players gave this form it’s sound by using the 2-note guitar chord. It is one of the main reason...
by Mike Abbott

muting guitar strings

Muted Guitar Strings

You hear your favorite guitar players mute guitar strings ….Check it out!! You can mute guitar strings the with the left hand, right side of the palm, or a combination of both. Practice string muting with the left hand fi...
by Mike Abbott


basic C Chord

Strumming Basics

Learn the basics of guitar chord strumming and switching! Strumming a Guitar chord – Lightly and quickly brush the guitar pick across the guitar strings using your arm and wrist. If your guitar chords don’t ring cle...
by Mike Abbott