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Guitar Slides

Guitar Slides and Slide Licks

Slides are one of the easier guitar techniques to play and one of the coolest! In this lesson, learn how to play a slide in a guitar lick! Begin each slide from the 1st fret Quickly slide your finger up to the fret # specified ...
by Mike Abbott

guitar vibrato picture

Guitar Vibrato Lesson

Like string bending, vibratos will make a guitar lick stand up and be heard! Vibratos are like many bends and releases strung together on the same note A release is when a the note moves from the bent state back to the non-bent...
by Mike Abbott


Hammer On lesson at Access Rock

Before you try the guitar lick, practice the hammer-ons a lot-finger strength is needed and will come with practice. A hammer-on is done by first picking a note(open or fretted), then firmly and quickly planting a left hand fin...
by Mike Abbott


pinky rest

Guitar Technique Lesson

In this guitar technique lesson, you will learn left and right hand positions that will improve your guitar playing immediately! RIGHT HAND SINGLE NOTE TECHNIQUE: 1. The Pinky finger should lightly rest on the pickguard or guit...
by Mike Abbott

rest licks

Guitar Licks with Rests

In this lesson, find out how using rests completely changes the sound of a guitar lick! RESTS are just silent rhythms. Here are the 4 basic types of rests that you will see. Mute the note before a rest by either laying your lef...
by Mike Abbott

guitar string bend

Guitar String Bending lesson

Although guitar string bending can be done on the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar gave bending it’s reputation 1. You will be pushing or pulling the guitar string to a different pitch(pitch is how high or low the not...
by Mike Abbott