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Scale Theory

Basic Guitar Chord and Scale Theory

In this basic guitar chord lesson,you will learn how to build a guitar chord two different ways: Using Major and minor third intervals and by building a basic chord scale. There are many benefits to learning basic guitar chord ...
by Mike Abbott

Basic Rhythms

Beginning Rhythms for Guitar

After you learn music notes and rhythms, reading tab or standard music notation will be right around the corner! Here are the four basic types of music notes:     Examples of a rhythm used in 1 measure:     ...
by Mike Abbott

music symbols

Guitar Notes and Symbols

In the picture below are different music and guitar notes and symbols. Try to memorize the symbols and any note relationships. The sharp symbol raises the pitch of a note by a half step The flat symbol lowers the pitch of a not...
by Mike Abbott


guitar tab notation

Learn Tab and Standard Notation

Learn how to read standard and tab notation – indispensable assets to any guitar player! Reading music is very much like reading words. You read left to right, and you read down the page. In books, you read letters, words...
by Mike Abbott

music theory notes

Music Theory Basics

Music Theory is not rocket science! It is important to know that before you start learning about it. It is simple math – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You don’t need to know anything about mus...
by Mike Abbott