In Depth Guitar Lessons and Expert Help



Guitar Vibrato Lesson

Like string bending, vibratos will make a guitar lick stand up and be heard! Vibratos are like many bends and releases strung together on the same note A release is when a the note moves from the bent state back to the non-bent...
by Mike Abbott


Basic Guitar Chord and Scale Theory

In this basic guitar chord lesson,you will learn how to build a guitar chord two different ways: Using Major and minor third intervals and by building a basic chord scale. There are many benefits to learning basic guitar chord ...
by Mike Abbott


Learn Tab and Standard Notation

Learn how to read standard and tab notation – indispensable assets to any guitar player! Reading music is very much like reading words. You read left to right, and you read down the page. In books, you read letters, words...
by Mike Abbott



Easy Blues Solo for Guitar

In this lesson, we will tackle a fairly easy-to-play solo in the key of E. If you haven’t yet explored string bending, hammer-ons, or slides, please go to those lessons first. It will also be helpful to review the E Blues...
by Mike Abbott


E Blues Rhythm

The E Blues Rhythm is a must for all blues guitar players, rock players, and lovers of the 2-note guitar chord! Blues guitar players gave this form it’s sound by using the 2-note guitar chord. It is one of the main reason...
by Mike Abbott

C Major Scale

Easy C Scales for Guitar

In this guitar lesson you will learn the C Major and C minor guitar scale – two of the most basic, open position guitar scales. Learn the shape and sound of each one slowly – it will pay off in the future! Let’...
by Mike Abbott