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Ska and Reggae Guitar Lesson

Playing Ska music or Reggae music on the guitar requires a few different strumming techniques to come together. If you haven’t learned how to play mute strums yet, click here! Brief history of Ska Music Nineteen Ninety Th...
by Mike Abbott


E Blues Shuffle Rhythm

By learning swing eighth guitar notes and strums, you will give the E Blues Rhythm an authentic blues “feel”. Serious guitar players have to know about the shuffle and about the blues!   The shuffle rhythm is b...
by Mike Abbott


Guitar Power Chords

A Power Chord is a two or three-note chord that’s easy, fun, and POWERFUL!! Start with a 2-note power chord. When you get good at that, switch to the three-note power chord Angle the finger on the 5th string to mute out t...
by Mike Abbott