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E Blues Shuffle Rhythm

By learning swing eighth guitar notes and strums, you will give the E Blues Rhythm an authentic blues “feel”. Serious guitar players have to know about the shuffle and about the blues!   The shuffle rhythm is b...
by Mike Abbott


Guitar Power Chords

A Power Chord is a two or three-note chord that’s easy, fun, and POWERFUL!! Start with a 2-note power chord. When you get good at that, switch to the three-note power chord Angle the finger on the 5th string to mute out t...
by Mike Abbott


Ska and Reggae Guitar Lesson

Playing Ska music or Reggae music on the guitar requires a few different strumming techniques to come together. If you haven’t learned how to play mute strums yet, click here! Brief history of Ska Music Nineteen Ninety Th...
by Mike Abbott