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June 4, 2013

E Blues Combo Licks

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Written by: Mike Abbott

Inject attitude and style into your guitar solos by combining
2 or 3 different techniques within a guitar lick! (techniques
are slides, bends, vibrato etc…)

  1. Get confident in each guitar technique (hammer-ons, slides, etc..) well before trying to
    combine them within a guitar lick!
  2. Review all of the guitar technique lessons(Slides,
    Vibratos, etc..)even if you have played them on your own. Practice
    each of those techniques within a guitar lick. Those lessons might
    help you play those techniques even better.
  3. SLIDES, BENDS – don’t try to play a slide or
    a bend on the 2nd note of a pair of eighth notes
  4. HAMMERS/PULL-OFFS – they are much easier to
    play with eighth, eighth note triplets, or sixteenth notes
  5. VIBRATOS, BENDS W/VIBRATO – they are much easier
    to play with half notes or quarter notes
  6. FINGERING is below the tab staff


Lick 1 Lick 2

Learn a combo guitar lick

Lick 3

Learn a combo guitar lick

  • Practice playing and counting each guitar lick
  • Practice each guitar lick 3 times in a row (keep a steady
  • Practice each lick 3 times in a row with the metronome
    or the practice track
  • Write out a Combo lick with quarter notes and half notes.
  • Then write out a guitar lick using eighth notes, quarter
    notes, and half notes
  • Practice each one of your licks 3 times in a row
  • After writing a couple of licks, try creating some on
    the spot.
  • Make sure your licks are 4 beats long

About the Author

Mike Abbott
Mike is a pro guitarist and music educator.  He has performed with such diverse acts as the Rolling Stones Horns, Sammy Davis Jr., and Burt Bacharach.   After spending much of his music career in New York City, He now is a very busy guitarist in the Denver area, performing and teaching extensively. Mike's latest work is a book, The Guitar and Amp Sourcebook, published by Harper Collins and released in December 2012.



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